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Howard Clark (2): more on nonviolent struggle


Howard Clark (1): on pacifism and nonviolent struggle

Blue Identity – a Spanish band that sings in English!

Blue Identity is the band that plays for a Free Culture (Cultura Libre) project called La Taberna del Escocés. Make sure you check it out. It’s an amazing interdisciplinary project!

La Taberna del Escocés (Free Culture – Cultura Libre)


By the OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – 30 countries included

Library Anecdotes!

What is life in a library like? (in your town, city…)
Read about students’ experiences in libraries and post your own!

The Adventures of a Language Assistant in Spain

This is her post on the Spanish education system, in case it helps you learn to describe it!

Spain On the Road Again (1)

Learn about Spain and learn to talk about Spanish food and drink!
Check out the website of this Culinary Road Trip around Spain

Favorite Foods