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The destruction of the Library of Alexandria

The narration of Hypatia’s death starts in the third minute (3’30”)


European Elections

Defend democracy – please, vote!

More information on the European Partliament website (On the top right side, you’ll see the groups people can vote to).

Key Issues

Fact Sheets on the European Parliament

Bike Protest in Getafe on May 23!

Tomorrow, the Plataforma Ciudadana contra el Cambio Climático O2 O3 and the Asociación juvenil Bicios@s, have organized a bike protest in Getafe. They are demanding a sustainable solutions to the problems of urban mobility plan in Getafe. On the website City Fix you’ll find tons of language and ideas around this relevant issue. Here‘s one. In case you want to pick up some more language or ideas for your Writings in English, here is a News Article on a bike protest in NYC and a (generic, but rather long!) Letter to the Editor in defence/defense of cyclists and bike lanes, or cycle/cycling lanes (from some cycling advocates).

“Self-Evident” by Ani Difranco

For Avanzado 2 (anybody is welcome to post, though). Post here your comments on language, cultural references, topics in this powerful song by Ani Difranco. Listen to the song while looking at some pictures which will help you interpret some of the references. If there is enough interest or posting, we could create a webpage on the analysis of this song at the Students’ Corner (EOI Getafe), and include some other videos. Enjoy!

Barack Obama

Gema has designed a very enjoyable activity by gathering some informative & some very funny links to videos, all of which can be checked out at our Barack Obama Page. The idea is that you watch them and then post your thoughts here, regardless your level. Enjoy!!!

Students who took part in the November activities around Obama (listening to/reading Obama’s President Elect speech and discussing it) and anybody interested in posting, please, feel free to do so.

Because it could be confusing, remember to mention what you are talking about (or reacting to) and your level: Ba1, Ba2, In1, In2, Av1,Av2 or say hello if you are a teacher or just someone who wishes to practice his or her English!