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Songs: You’ve Got a Friend, by Carole King

This is one of the most popular songs ever in the history of music! Listen to it (without reading its lyrics) a few times, and then check out the lyrics to sing along! Note: click on the link in the video, it does work!


It’s Oh So Quiet, Björk and Spike Jonze


Blue Identity – a Spanish band that sings in English!

Blue Identity is the band that plays for a Free Culture (Cultura Libre) project called La Taberna del Escocés. Make sure you check it out. It’s an amazing interdisciplinary project!

La Taberna del Escocés (Free Culture – Cultura Libre)

A Song about Love

Brilliant creativity!!!

Times are a-changing! (Bob Dylan)

Did You Know They Are Native American?

NATIVE AMERICAN Music Awards launches new web page in honor of Native American Heritage Day, November 27, 2009, and as part of National Native American Month as proclaimed by the President of the United States each year, the Native American Music Awards & Association has published a photo gallery entitled, “Did You Know They Are Native American?” on their website to raise awareness of the contributions made by leading figures of Native American descent in the music, entertainment, and sports industries. Featured individuals range from [adapted for Spain by michelle]: Tina Turner (Navajo), Beyoncé (Creole), Cher and Jimi Hendrix (Cherokee),  Angelina Jolie (Haudenosaunee/Iroquois), Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz and Burt Reynolds (Cherokee), Ava Gardner (Tuscarora), (continues…)

Man In the Mirror, by Michael Jackson

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and… make a change!