Listen to Muhummad Yunus, India, explaining micro credits


3 responses to “Asia

  1. I’ve been to India three times and I really love it. I would recommend to visit Cachemira when the political situation gets better. It is a fantastic place. I can’t find the words to describe it!

  2. The world needs more people like Muhummad, and I find it very interesting that he relied on women instead of men. I think he took the best option.

  3. ­čÖé Well, it’s high time we humans start trusting women! — like we have been trusting men for centuries in public affairs, I mean. (However, when we overcome — supposing we eventually manage to! — the gendered system, hopefully things will depend more on what kind of person we are and we will find both men and women in world decision-making positions!)
    Thanks for your traveling suggestion. I wish I could travel there. I certainly will whenever I have a chance, though I’ve always been reticent with India – wonder why…
    On Talking People, in the section called “The World – Countries, Places”, some Y5 students published an amazing Oral Presentation they did on India, in case you want to see it. One of those students talked about Microcredits and this amazing man, and another about the situation of women in India, which is one of the most striking contradictory situations in the world!

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