There’s a 2006 Herzog movie on Antarctica: Check this out. Antarctica doesn’t belong to anybody. It’s a free territory.


4 responses to “Antarctica

  1. It’s amazing. I would like to go there. In fact, I went to Greenland last september. It is very similar in many ways although we didn’t see so many animals, just a couple of whales but not as close as the one in the video. I really envy those people in the zodiac. I used to wear the same polar clothes and those images remind me of my stay in Tasiusak, Narsak, Qaqortok and other places. I really enjoyed it.

  2. luis & gemiitaa

    hey!!We like this video.The animals are beautiful and funny. The landscape is very interesTING and we would like visit the Antartica.The video is very beautiful.

  3. Hey, hi, folks!
    It’s great you watched it! I also loved it! And I would also love to visit… (I don’t know how I would do that, though, because I suppose you need to find people who’ve been there before, right?) But I’m afraid of the cold!!! It must be freezing cold there! 🙂
    See you!

  4. I’d love to visit Antarctica and one day I will. It’s full of people who love freedom, who love what they are doing — being there, doing research, learning… Independent people who understand why freedom is good and not bad, and who can respect other people, even if those people are not like them. For me, Antarctica now is like Utopia.

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