Trips to Italy!

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  1. Venice is situated on a salt lake is surrounded by water. It is divided in six districts. You can arrive by train, bus or plane. But when you get in to Piazzale Roma there are only two ways to move around: on foot or by boat. Bikes are not possible an option / Cycling is not possible because there are a great deal of bridges to cross the channels.
    Venice is a city to enjoy without feeling in hurry. It is easy to feel lost because this charming city is like a labyrinth. But don’t feel panic — in every corner there are signs to the main points of the city so you can guess find out where you are.
    Everywhere you look there is a palace but. Many of them are in ruins but this provides gives the city a bohemian air. By contrast, I was to highlight the colors of fruit, vegetables and fish in the Rialto’s Market. It‘s a good idea to take on the vaporetto no. 1 (a waterbus) and go along the Grand Canal. It has stops in the both banks.
    You know in January the sun sets early, so I enjoyed the mystery of its streets and also the foggy mornings –although it was freezing.
    I visited other islands such as Torcello, Murano and Burano. I like the most this one the most because in a winter morning it was full plenty of cheerful colors. The majority Most of its population was were fisherpeoples so they painted their houses like this just to find it them easily beyond the fog.
    The only cons I can say is that the San Marcos’ square is full of scaffolds. In any case, but as Napoleon said, “It’s the most beatiful drawing room in Europe”

  2. Very interesting, Inma. And it sounds so beautiful! Well done, too — I mean, your English!
    Sorry for the delay! See you!

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