Demo in support of Aminetu Haidar

In case you are interested, there’s a demo (a demonstration) going to be held next Satuday, Dec 19, at noon (12.00 am), in Cibeles, Madrid, in support of hunger striker Aminetu Haidar. Aminetu Haidar initiated a hunger strike on 15 November, in the framework of the struggle for the independence of Western Sahara. The Western Sahara is a disputed territory in North Africa bordering Morocco, Mauritania, and Algeria, controlled by Morocco since 1975 — just when the Western Sahara was gaining its independence from Spain. In October the activist Aminatou Haidar was in New York to receive the 2009 Civil Courage prize for her nonviolent resistance to the Moroccan occupation of Sahrawi land. She is often called the “Sahrawi Gandhi.” When she returned home a few weeks later she was arrested by Moroccan officials. They seized her Moroccan passport and expelled her against her will to an airport on Spain’s Canary Islands. Moroccan authorities say she was deported because she refused to sign a paper saying she was a Moroccan citizen and declared Western Sahara as her country of origin on the immigration entry form. (More information at Democracy Now) More info on support actions in Madrid at:


2 responses to “Demo in support of Aminetu Haidar

  1. jueves 17 de diciembre de 2009
    En estos momentos, jueves 17 de diciembre a las 22h50, Aminetu Haidar está volando hacia a El Aaiún para por fin reencontrarse con su familia.

    Gracias a todos de parte de Aminetu Haidar. Gracias a toda la solidaridad que se ha manifestado a lo largo de estos 32 días.

    La manifestación del sábado 19 se mantiene.
    Celebraremos el retorno y seguiremos con el Sahara.

  2. The demo is still on. For West Sahara and to ask Saharaui political prisoners are set free.

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