Did You Know They Are Native American?

NATIVE AMERICAN Music Awards launches new web page in honor of Native American Heritage Day, November 27, 2009, and as part of National Native American Month as proclaimed by the President of the United States each year, the Native American Music Awards & Association has published a photo gallery entitled, “Did You Know They Are Native American?” on their website to raise awareness of the contributions made by leading figures of Native American descent in the music, entertainment, and sports industries. Featured individuals range from [adapted for Spain by michelle]: Tina Turner (Navajo), Beyoncé (Creole), Cher and Jimi Hendrix (Cherokee),  Angelina Jolie (Haudenosaunee/Iroquois), Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz and Burt Reynolds (Cherokee), Ava Gardner (Tuscarora), (continues…)


One response to “Did You Know They Are Native American?

  1. Originally a featured segment which debuted at the First Native American Music Awards in 1998, “Did You Know?” highlights nationally recognized and critically acclaimed musicians, actors and athletes with confirmed or reported Native American heritage. Tribal enrollment status is not included.

    The Native American Music Awards continues to be an extraordinary and unprecedented celebration of today’s best contemporary and traditional musical performances and recordings by artists with Native American heritage. The Eleventh Annual Native American Music Awards was recently held at the Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino in Niagara Falls, NY.

    As the largest single resource for Native American music initiatives in the world, the Native American Music Awards continues to remain “devoted to bringing indigenous music to the world’s consciousness” NY Times.

    To view the full photo gallery of musicians, athletes and actors, please visit the “DID YOU KNOW?” page at http://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com

    Giving Thanks and Sending our Best wishes to all our members & subscribers this Thanksgiving Weekend.

    511 Avenue of the Americas #371 New York NY 10011
    Ph 212.228.8300 Fx 646.688.6883

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