On the Dani Kurelu people

Pepi came to our School and talked about her amazing trips. There was a question about the Dani Kurely people, so we are starting this thread so she can answer it and in case you have more questions. Thanks, Pepi!


2 responses to “On the Dani Kurelu people

  1. Hi, nice to talk to you again!.
    I copy here some information about Dani Kurelu people, who live in Irian Jaya (Indonesia). I hope you can find the answer to your questions. And feel free to make more questions.

    —- Lonely Planet guide : Indonesia, pag.863 and 864.

    ” Dani men wear penis sheaths made of a cultivated gourd. These penis gourds are known locally as horim. The Indonesian government’s campaign in the early 1970s to end the wearing of penis gourds was mostly a failure.

    Many Danis wear pig fat in their hair and cover their bodies in pig fat and soot for health and warmth.

    Despite missionary pressure, many Dani have maintained their polygamic marriage system -a man may have as many wives as he can afford.

    Danni men and women sleep apart. the men of a compound sleep tighlty packed in one hut, the women and children in the other huts. After a birth, sex is taboo for two to five years, apparently to gi e the cild exclusive use of its mother’s milk.

    One of the more bizarre customs is for a woman to have one or two joints of her fingers amputated when a close relative dies; your’ll see many of the older women with fingers missing right up to the second joint.”

    — Enciclopedia “Pueblos de la Tierra”. Tomo 3 Australia y Melanesia ; Islas del Pacífico. Pág. 82

    ” … El principal atuendo de los hombres consiste en un calabacín de forma alargada que recubre el pene y a menudo es tan largo que les llega hasta los hombros, por lo que para mantenerlo erguido verticalmente ha de ser sujetado al pecho mediante una cuerda. Estos objetos -frecuentemente decorados con borlas de piel, franjas de fibra tejida o con un elegante rizo en su extremidad- sirven por una parte como protección en la batalla y por otra son una especie de símbolos de fertilidad”.

    I, personally, have seen some old women with two joints cut off, but I haven’t seen the “koteka” or “horims” ,as they call it, so large.

    I’ll try to send you a picture but at the moment I’m having problems with Internet..

  2. Dear Pepi,

    Thanks so much for your generosity! It’s really interesting!

    Kind regards,

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