Cockney and World Englishes!

Next March 17 and 18, at 18.00 hours, our 2 Avanzado 2 groups will have the chance to meet and listen to Martyn Lowe on Cockney and World Englishes. Martyn lives in London and he’s coming for a visit! He has been a Cockney anarchist pacifist since 1968! He is an information worker and a member of the Editorial Board of the Information for Social Change.
If you are interested in attending this event, supposing there are free seats, get in touch with the English Department, OK?


6 responses to “Cockney and World Englishes!

  1. Here is an excerpt of his email to us, so you can see what he is going to speak about:

    “What I was thinking to do was to talk about the different kinds of English that exist.

    English English,
    American English,
    West Indian English,
    Indian English,
    International English,
    Australian English,
    move on to Cockney.

    I’d then like to give some example the above.

    After which I’ll give some infomation upon what kind of language(s) one would come upon every day within London.

    London now been a much more International city that it has ever been, and that is being reflected in a new kind of English which seems to be developing over here.

    After which I’ll move on to the subject of London Transport Speak, which has a logic of its own.

    I’ll follow this up with something upon Cockney Rhyming Slang.

    Most of the above I’ll illustrate with some funny stories upon just how this all works out in practice,
    and stories upon just what it is like to live in London.

    Well that should cover most things I guess.”

  2. Wow! That’s sure doing a lot of traveling!
    Thanks, Martyn! 🙂

  3. I wanted to link to Talking People, because in class we’ll be handing out copies of this amazing graphic you can find here:
    Have a look!
    Nightie night!

  4. Hi there! Martyn’s happy about his first time speaking in a classroom! He really enjoyed his time with Básico 1 students and he also had fun with Avanzado 2 students. He was really tired after the 4 hour session! 🙂 He got the feeling of what it is to be a teacher! 🙂

    Let’s see how things go tomorrow! I bet it’ll be fine. If you are into making questions, feel free to do so, because he really enjoys it! 🙂

    Today, in the Av2 group, we learned some interesting stuff about life in London. I suppose tomorrow’s talk won’t be exactly the same, so I’d like anyone interested to post what he or she learned with Martyn. I’ll certainly post some stuff, in any case.

    “Sweet or savory” /suwit/ /séivori/ means “dulce o salado”. That’s what you ask when you walk into a Bakery or a Take-away restaurant or the like…

    “Apples and pears” in Cockney slang means “stairs”. I wonder if Anne Bottle Ansar knew that… 😉

    How do you say “(bajar) al chino”?

    Do you remember other bits like these?

  5. Hello, every silent body! (Eek!)

    Here’s our work on Martyn’s talk, online!

    You can watch two videos, too. And we’ll be uploading more stuff at some point.


  6. Hi there!. I really appreciated Martin’s lesson on Cockney slang and all the interesting things he taught us about London (the two prisons he mentioned about, the museums we can visit, etc), and especially his kindness to spend two hours with us, sharing his experiences working on the Editorial Board of the Information for Social Change.
    Thanks a lot Martin and Michelle for enriching us that way. It was a pleasure, really.

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