TechnoTravel: Meet Megan, the Robot…

and talk to her!!! We’ve just created our first Pandora robot, Megan B.
By clicking HERE you can type in a question and listen to her reply! Enjoy!

We can train this robot, so tell us which questions “she” didn’t answer correctly, OK?

Tips: Use the robot to review simple sentences. Later you can move on!  🙂 Don’t type various sentences in one go. You’ll mess her up!!! Just remember it’s just a robot… 🙂



5 responses to “TechnoTravel: Meet Megan, the Robot…

  1. oh-oh. It’s not working… Can anyone see the robot?

  2. We tried to fix it. Apparently, this robot will just work for a few days… ??? Does anybody know anything about chat robots? It seems we will surely lose the doll (the face of the robot and the audio), but we might keep the chat… Let’s see what happens…

  3. Wow.It’s amazing. It really works but it is true that you have to say short sentences. Nevertheless, I don’t know why she asked me about the authorities ????.

  4. Oh! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂
    For real? About the authorities? And what did she say?

  5. It’s good!! . I’ve had a lillte chat with Megan and her answers were suitable. I told her I was tired and she recommend that I should have a rest.

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