Barack Obama

Gema has designed a very enjoyable activity by gathering some informative & some very funny links to videos, all of which can be checked out at our Barack Obama Page. The idea is that you watch them and then post your thoughts here, regardless your level. Enjoy!!!

Students who took part in the November activities around Obama (listening to/reading Obama’s President Elect speech and discussing it) and anybody interested in posting, please, feel free to do so.

Because it could be confusing, remember to mention what you are talking about (or reacting to) and your level: Ba1, Ba2, In1, In2, Av1,Av2 or say hello if you are a teacher or just someone who wishes to practice his or her English!


3 responses to “Barack Obama

  1. I like Obama.
    I am happy with Obama.
    I prefer Obama to Bush.
    I have hope for a better world.

  2. Ana AV2

    Obama’s speech is awesome. . And the video playing the happiness, enthusiasm and HOPE of all that people is really moving! I also trust in him and truly hope he will succeed in making the change they are looking forward to. They don’t deserve being disappointed.

  3. Here is the webpage where we collected Students’ writings on Obama:

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