Have you ever been to Dublin? (Writing about past experiences & events)
Are you planning to go there? (Writing about future plans)
Would you like to visit this city? (expressing wishes and hypothetical situations)
Tell us about it!


2 responses to “Dublin!

  1. I was in Dublin last summer for 3 weeks because I was given a scholarship by the “Ministerio de Educación”. I met a lot of nice people so I’ve got a great memory!

    Undoubtedly, the place that I liked the most was the Temple Bar. It´s the area of the pubs (no, I´m not a drunkward!). In many Irish pubs there is live music and they are the best places to know the Irish atmosphere… and to meet people (almost of them a bit tipsy, obviously ;P ). There is a large amount of shows/gigs in Temple Bar: I was there in July and there was an international circus festival in the street – I don´t know if it´s a tradition celebrated year after year- and it was fantastic… and very funny! Another recomendation: the (weird) moments (10 or 15 minutes at the most 😛 ) when the sun shines, you should visit St.Stephen’s Green Park … it’s very pleasant to lie on the grass to rest… it´s a pity that sunny days are too few!!
    Of course, you cannot forget one of the most important tourist attraction in the city… Guinnes Storehouse. The entrance ticket costs about 10 euros for students but I´ll tell you a secret… if you enter by the exit door – and you´ve got a bit of luck – you´ll be able to enter for free! You won´t be able to drink a pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar (on the top-floor) because you need your ticket… but that´s not a problem because on the first floor there is a waitress that serves you the amount of shots of Guinness that you want! XD

    Anyway, and although you believe the opposite after reading this post, I don´t like beer… this is my fault…. I travelled to Dublin and I don´t like beer … I ´ll never be able to integrate me totally into the typical Irish way of life! ;P

  2. Great post, Mónica, thanks! You really feel like visiting Dublin!!! And your English is great! We edited a few minor mistakes, in case you want to have a look! The crossed-out words are impossible to find! The italics are for words we replaced. “Spectacles” are glasses! But… do they use that in Ireland for “shows” or “gigs” (gigs are music shows).

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