Have you ever been to London?

Tell us about your visit! Which places did you visit? What did you enjoy the most? Did anything surprise you? Any anecdotes? Anything to recommend? Please, remember to mention your level: Ba1, Ba2, In1, In2, Av1, Av2, or whether you are a teacher or a visitor! Thanks for posting!


10 responses to “Have you ever been to London?

  1. I’ve been to London 2 years ago for a weekend. In 2 days IT is impossible to visit every nice place so I recommend you to stay more.
    But..don’t buy a single metro ticket!!It’s better to bUy a day card 😉

  2. My favourite place in London is, undoubtly Candem town. There you can find every kind of food, clothes, accessories…
    If you are free on A Sunday morning, go there and you will enjoy the most exciting market in the world!!(as far as I’M concerned)

  3. One of the most interesting thing for me was to visit the museums in London such as National Museum or Science Natural or Army Museum , very well designed and with interactive tools to make them more attractive.

  4. I went to London two years ago for one day because I went to Bournemouth for one month to do a course of English and one day I went on an excursion around London. I only saw the monuments from the outside but I hope to come back.

  5. Hi there! I lived in London many years ago and I used to love going to two bookshops: Silver Moon, on* Charing Cross (close to the Big Ben) — a mainstream feminist bookshop — and Sister Write, in the north of London — a more alternative kind of bookshop, where I discovered three women cartoonists who are really good. The other day I found out those bookshops closed down!!! I read /red/ it in this article: http://www.london-rip.com/literaryexits.html 😦
    *”on Charing Cross” is US American English, by the way!

  6. I went to Wales 2 years ago for 6 days.I visited London for only 2 days.I visited the National Museum, The Eye of London, Chinatown, Notting Hill Town, Picadilly and Trafalgar Square…A friend of mine told me that I would be impressed with the neons in Picadilly, but it´s not a great thing compared with the streets of Shinjuku in Tokyo
    It´s a beautiful city, with people from many different countries.But I think that it is a bad place to learn English.I prefer Wales for that.NB1

  7. Oh, really? I suppose you say that because there are a lot of people from Spain in London, right?
    Really interesting what you tell us! 🙂
    Have you seen “The Fifth Element”? (in connection to Hong Kong’s neon lights…)

  8. Hi,
    I said that because there are a lot of people from many different countries, so, even though they speak English, they have their own accent.
    I saw “The Fifth Element”. It is a good movie, but I was talking about Tokyo in Japan…not Hong Kong 🙂
    Bye!! NB1

  9. Oh no! Hahaha… (Blushed face!) How embarrassing! You are right!
    I always mix up Tokyo and Hong Kong!!! Wonder why!
    Oh well… Anyway, if you don’t mind, and considering Tokyo is a very interesting place to practice English (is it?), why don’t we start a thread on Tokyo? It’d be fun! And perhaps later on we could create a Tokyo webpage for the EOI Getafe site! 🙂 Or am I being carried away?
    So… the Fifth Element is in Hong Kong, then? I love that movie, even though I’m not a great fan of Scifi movies. But I loved that one! I loved B. W. and the main actress. I loved her hair!
    Sorry, everybody. All this is not about London…
    Hey, I just realized! It’s in Hong Kong where English is an official language too, not in Tokyo! But I also heard Tokyo universities teach in English!
    Oh my! I’m getting all tangled up here! Better go to bed right away! 🙂

  10. At the EOI Getafe Website, some more videos with Martyn Lowe speaking about London have been published! There’s a section on sightseeing in London, and doing other interesting things! Check it out!

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