Welcome to Getafe – Madrid (Spain)!

Imagine a foreigner is coming for a visit. Tell him or her about Getafe, Madrid the capital city, or the Community of Madrid! What’s it like? Which are your favourite/favorite places?
Remember to mention your level: Básico 1, Básico 2, Intermedio 1, Intermedio 2, Avanzado 1, Avanzado 2, old students, teachers…


27 responses to “Welcome to Getafe – Madrid (Spain)!

  1. Hello, everybody!
    I’m new in Getafe. I just moved out of Madrid, because I was assigned to this school but also because I was tired of so much noise and stress. I really like it here. The best part for me is that it’s really nice and peaceful. But it’s got more good things. Life is cheaper. You can find all kinds of shops and services. And there are different kinds of cultural activities.
    Getafe’s also got an interesting university. I’ve learned that university students are developing a new kind of lifestyle: they rent the houses of elderly people who actually live there. The elderly cook for them and clean the house on weekdays, but then are able to stay in their own house instead of having to move out to an old people’s home. I’ll tell you about this in another occassion, supposing they don’t tell you about this themselves!

  2. Hi! I live in Getafe since 2006. I chose this town because it is very quiet and because from my house I can see the mountains in a cleary day.(BA1).

  3. When I am stessed out, I go to have a coffee TO El Violín (The Violin). It’s great fun!

  4. I’m born in Getafe and IT is a beautiful city!
    Getafe’S got an interesting and big university and a beautiful place, El Cerro de los Angeles.

  5. You must VISIT the town of Getafe.

    El Cerrro de los Ángeles(The Angel’s hill) in Getafe, is consIDERED the geographical center of the Iberian peninsula .

    We have a lot of important services like: a prestigioUS University (Carlos III) , a big hospital, schools, train, underground , bus, a military airport and now a civil airport perhaps cheaper than Barajas airport and ….so near Madrid! (Think about cheap flights) B1

  6. My name is Ana. I’m fron spain and I live in Getafe. I always walk to work.
    Getafe is a big village. We have A very importanT university and the MOST important hospital BURN UNIT. We Also haVE the most important Military airport. Come here in YOUR holiday!

  7. Hello.
    Getafe is a town in the south of Madrid.
    The main street of Getafe is Madrid street. It is very popular because of shops.
    Getafe has green buses.

  8. I think Getafe is a very “beautiful” town, which is going to become a city in a not very far future. I would say the best part of it is the one having the lake, because
    , besides the people drinking alcohol, it is normally a calm place (and also a very dangerous one: there are mad people around riding horses and going after people)

  9. I’ve never needed to hide from horses, as Jonathan said. In fact, I think that he just made it up (:P just kidding). Personally, Getafe is becoming one of the most relevant towns in Madrid, but it could be more beautiful.

  10. Hi People … I have to say that I`ve been living here for 3 months only. Because of that, I don`t know much about Getafe. The only thing I can tell you is that it is a calm city full of shops – I was surprised when I went for a WALK on the main street and saw many shops that sell shoes. Do you know why there are so many shoe shops here? It`s also interesting to know that at the University ( Carlos III) here they also teach Portuguese – my mother tongue – When I knew this information I felt happy not only because Portuguese is a Language spoken by a huge number of people in the world but also because it`s a good opportunity to get the Language known by students from Getafe. I`ve realised that here it is possible to find all services needed. This is, for me, essential. Another remarkable thing is that people are easy-going and helful. This is great. I like living here!

  11. I’ve been living in Getafe for almost my whole life, 40 years, with a gap of eleven years when I lived in Madrid.
    I wouldn’t say this is a particularly nice place to live, but for sure it’s nicer than Madrid, ESPECIALLY if you work here and don’t like commuting.
    Well, it’s true that there is no nature here, no great buildings, no beach, no mountains, it’s not a picturesque city… but you really can go almost everywhere on foot, by bike or in a short bus ride. If you value your daily time, it’s really convenient.
    Hey, we EVEN have a Language School with wonderful teachers!

  12. Alicia and Ana

    Hi, everybody!!

    We are Alicia and Ana. We both live in Getafe nowadays, but Alicia was born in Badajoz. That’s why we see Getafe from two different points of view, although we enjoy the city and its places in a similar way. Our favourite places to have fun could be: Nassica cinemas, shops along Madrid street, the different bars near the EOI, Cerro de los Ángeles… among others.

    Getafe is a small city but it offers young people many possibilities like university, conservatory, several sports centers, etc.

    We can’t forget, too, that Getafe is quite near Madrid and well communicated with the city centre. In just 15 minutes you can get there in public transport, cheaper than your own car and more ecological.

    We could spend hours and hours speaking about Getafe, however, we recommend you to come and discover it by yourself.

    Alicia and Ana, Av 2

  13. Hello people! I think that you have forgotten the main turistic place of the town: Cibelina’s fountain! 😛 Do you know it? It´s like the Cybeles (the fountain in Madrid) except in miniature (and uglier , of course) : it´s “eclectic” art, I think…

  14. Hi, everybody!
    I was born in Getafe and I have been living here for all my life!
    I consider that in Getafe you can visit different places (for instance, the “Cerro de los Angeles”, the lake, the city centre…all THE PLACE YOU MENTIONED), but maybe, the most important one is Magdalena Cathedral!
    The best part for me is that it is very CLOSE TO Madrid, and we can go there whenever we want!
    As you can see,I love living here!

  15. luis & gemiitaa

    hello!!We are siblings, we are luis and gema .We are 17 and 16 years old.We are Ba1 students.We are from Madrid.We are studying in Jesus Nazareno school in Getafe.Bye bye!!

  16. Hello People FROM ALL OVER the world!!!
    I will speak about my town GETAFE. IT is a town in the soud of Madrid, cradle of Spaish air force, A university city.

  17. Hi everybody. I’ve been living in Getafe for a year and a half, and I quite like it but… sorry — it’s not a beautiful city… If you want to see a really beautiful city go to Cáceres, this is the place where I’m from and believe me you will like it!!!
    See you!

  18. Azu&Alex..AV2 really?

    Hello people!

    do you really wanna know which is the main touristic place in Getafe? It’s called “Las Ventas”..a beautiful , lovely, cute place…..where you can DRINK as much beer (AWESOME BEER) as you can until you get KO…if you want more details, just send us an e-mail


  19. Hi boys ! Hi everybody!I´ve living in Getafe for eight years and for me It´s a good place to live because you´ve got good transport facilites, very important in our daily lives, far example It´ll take you fiften minutes to travel by train to Atocha station from Getafe Central.
    Moreover you also have a lot of possibilities if you want to get involved in social or cultural events.
    I agree that it´s not a beatiful place, in architectural terms, probably because most of the buildings were built in the sixties and seventies like almost all suburban south areas of Madrid.
    Anyway If you want to live in a dinamic and well communicated place don´t hesitate — Getafe will be your best option. Bye 🙂

  20. I live in getafe since 1967. Here I studied, married and had my daughter. I like to have my family near me.They live in getafe too.

    Getafe has a lot of places going on a walk. It has little shops in the town center,it has cinemas and a big supermarkets in the outskirts. It has different activities for our old people in cultural centers, a place where people can do many activities.
    Also, Getafe has pretty place called ¨The Angels’ Hill¨. This is the central point in Spain.That’s what people say.

    I think that Getafe is a good place to live, more or less quiet and pleasant.

  21. Hello everybody!!

    I’ve lived all my life here in Getafe though I was born in Madrid. My grandfather moved Getafe when he was 7 years old, now he is 93 years old, yes it’s incredible. My mother was born here, and my father moved Getafe when he was 2 years old, so I only can say good things about Getafe. It’s a nice place to live,you have all the shops, markets, pubs, restaurants that you can imagine. Also Getafe has good schools, the University, where I studied, the Hospital…
    On the weekends people go out to have a walk and having something in the bars…You have always something interesting to do!
    In a word, I love Getafe and its people, especially de centre of the town, where I live.

  22. Hello!! I live in Getafe and I do recommend you a bar, in Alvaro de Bazan street, called Café Madrid where you can speak English every saturday evening. They are very friendly and make you feel comfortable. Try it.

  23. Hiya,

    I’ve just secured a job in sector 3, getafe & i’m starting to look up places to rent. do I have to remain in sector 3 or is getafe small enough that I will be able to walk from most places? I don’e want to have to spend much time or money getting to work each day but there aren’t as many apartments for rent in sector 3. Any information would be helpful!


  24. Hi Sinead,

    I’ve also secured a job in sector 3 Getafe, and was wondering of you had managed to find accommodation within sector 3? I am flying out in the next couple of days!

    Any tips or help would be great!

    Sonia, UK

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