My hometown

At our school, you can find people from different regions in Spain and from different countries, too. Dear students, tell the world about your hometown! Mention your village/town/city and the country, and remember this is the Internet (don’t write your complete personal information!)
Remember to mention your level: Básico 1, Básico 2, Intermedio 1, Intermedio 2, Avanzado 1, Avanzado 2, old students, teachers…


6 responses to “My hometown

  1. MP Avanzado 2

    Hi there! I was born in Segovia, but I consider my hometown Fuenlabrada in Madrid.I’ve been living here for 19 years. Fuenlabrada is quite A big city in the South of Madrid.It’s not very nice in the sense that there aren’t many nice things to see.There are many shops, pubs, cafes, …but, no historical thing -well, yes! a Coca-Cola factory,haha-.
    I like being here but I’d prefer somewhere like my real hometown, Segovia!There’s much to see there!

  2. Hi! I was born in Soria, but now I live in Getafe because I’m studyING Journalism here. Soria is a little and beautiful city with a very cold winter ( we always appear on TV because of the lowest temperatureS)and a warm summer. But my city has a lot of incredible places to discover: San Saturio, Santo Domingo, Valonsadero.. I recommend everybody to visit my city, stay only for day there and see how calm,easy-going and pleasant life can be. (AV2-Monday)

  3. Hello I’m a Elementary I student.My hometown is Getafe.I was born in Getafe many years ago.When I was a girl,Getafe was a village.Streets had a lot of mud.People need to get water from sources.Everyday sheep went to the country to eat,and they had to come through my street.Children played with them.I remember buying milk in a farm.Now everything is very different.Getafe is a big city.

  4. This is just to say I made a mistake ,I had to say THROUGH , not thruogh

  5. Wow! How interesting! I didn’t know about that…
    Your English is really good for an Elementary student! Congratulations! 🙂 And your PS is really good!
    Let me give you some language tips on two of those sentences.
    People had to go and fetch water to fountains or community water pipes because there was no running water (Is this it?).
    Sheep went grazing to the fields (or were taken to the fields to graze), and they passed by my house.

  6. Nice to meet you Uma Road, you are very kind,thanks for your tips ,they are very interesting .In the Getafe where I lived when I was 6 or 7 years old, there was running water but many times it was broken, so people had to go to community water pipes or they had water tank at home .Thanks again . Elementary I

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