Hello world!

This blog was created and is managed by the English Departament at state-run language school EOI Getafe (Madrid, Spain). Its purpose is to allow teachers, students and lifelong learners of English to practice their English while communicating on the Internet!

Feel free to post. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hi everybody! To be honest I don´t like being the first one but in this case I think someone has to be the first.
    What we need to think is that we live in a wonderful world and we should try to protect it. There are lot of interesting places we can see, things we can do. However,we ought to think about our future generations and we should respect our world. Perhaps, the most striking problem is the global warming. We all have to avoid running out our earth resources otherwise the ozone layer will be getting thiner.

    Keep in mind!

    Best regards!!

  2. julia Elementary I

    The world is still wonderful,there are places very nice.I tink like you,we have to keep beautiful the earth for future generations.I believe the worst problem is the money.It can spoil everything what it touch

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